Books are important

“” Take The Books instead of dumbblles “”


Books are very important for the World, because it has changed it alot . It carries bundles and the tons of words to make us powerful and ready for the rest of our lives. here, in this temporary world every individual wants a sharp and so strong mind to interact with the others throughout the universe and that mind becomes powerful from the books that he or she reads and learn grow to spread the same knowledge what they have read from the books , because it makes the mind so beautiful and so strong to face the world’s problems.

Take Books are very important to change the world

You can see that in the World ,there are so many different problems and the questions are created for asking but actually our leaders can not cope them because they don’t have good knowledge and information about the world that what’s going on in it. But ones they read or they become the habitual of reading books and newspapers to increase the knowledge, then they absolutely can face and speak fluently no matter what question is..

leaders ..

Book is like a window of mind to bring the shining inside it and it let mind guide to run for the life, and it let our mind open to watch the world with the right eye. People can hurt you ,break you and guide you on wrong place to go but this book is a true friend that never tell a lai with you, it guides you on the right path of life , it can give you best results . because it has also a powerful mind that holds the world .


When you will learn to read , you will be born again and you will never be so quite alone again. because it keeps more knowledge and information which we direly need to get freedom and a lot .we can read the novels from it and so on beautiful moments about the life . we can read and write the story on our lives to tell the people about the ups and downs of lives…but it will be when you will understand it in a good way because it’s not easy for everyone to deem it’s meaning because sometimes it brings that much knowledge and new things to learn and that things go beyond the mind sometimes. Apart from this if someone is very curious to find new things to learn, he /she will be reading books and stories to increase the knowledge and ones who does not read it , he/ she will be empty from everything….

again living
livin again life

So keep learning never switch off it because if you switch off you will not be anymore in life . Digest the books with knowledge and be thirsty to achieve knowledge .


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